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Divine Justice

divine_justice-finalAuthor: Joanne Hichens

Introduction of Rae Valentine a sassy, good looking, one legged woman in the wild dark, violent and exotic brew of weary PI’s.

New private investigator on the block Rae Valentine takes on a case of missing jewels while trying to keep afloat the detective agency of her ex-lover Mullet Mendes and his partner Vince Saldana. Central villains are a neurotic delusional wannabe evangelist (with a mother from hell) and a gang of destructive and thoroughly unlikable neo- Nazis called the Core, who enjoy casual violence and blowing up ATMs. But one-legged ex-junkie Rae-Anne doesn’t just have to deal with these delightful crims; she’s got Mullet Mendes on her mind as he fights a wrongful death case (and screws his lawyer), while Vince is steadily losing a battle against the booze demons and Cape Town herself is having a particularly nasty time of it.

Genre: Crime Fiction
Rights: Non-English rights
Publisher: Burnett Media
Publication date: 2011