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Piggy Boy’s Blue

screen-shot-2016-09-19-at-6-11-00-pmAuthor: Nakhane Touré

“Tauré weaves a tale that blurs mysteriously between fiction and what could be perceived as reality.” – Sunday weekend Argus, South Africa

Blues is Nakhane Touré’s debut novel. It tackles issues of homosexuality in unexpected spaces, waeving a story about an agitated young man who has come to live with his uncle and the uncle’s male lover. It is a distorted pastoral and for all intents and purposes a portrait of the M. family. Piggy Boy’s Blues is a novel about boundaries, the intricacies of love and how the members of the M. family sometimes fail at navigating them.


Rights: World Rights
Publisher: Jacana Media, Black Bird imprint
Publication date: 2015