Van Aggelen African Literary Agency

The Yearning

Author: Morale Mashigo

screen-shot-2016-09-22-at-1-20-12-pm“ This is a curiously indefinable first novel. What starts as a tale of love and friendship about a young woman in Cape Town turns into something far more complex and unexpected. There are flashbacks to a childhood in Soweto, slices of a harrowing and life-changing incident, a swirl of sangoma ritual and a touch of family conflict. The result is compelling and heady.” – BooksLive, Sunday Times SA

The Yearning is the story of Marubini, a young woman whose past starts spilling into her present. She resides in Cape Town and seems to be living a comfortable life, working at a wine farm and spending idyllic days with her friends. It isn’t until she suffers a ‘seizure’ after she is haunted by a song and figure from her past, that things start to change. Doctors cannot find the cause of her seizures.

Marubini begins to suspect that what is happening to her may have something to do with her grandfather’s death and her father’s brutal murder. Something from her past is making her sick and her mother is not willing to tell her what it is. Marubini embarks on a journey that is both magical and frightening to find out what it is that haunts her.


Right: non-English rights available
Publisher: Pan Macmillan, Johannesburg, South Africa
Publishing date: May 2016