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Drifter – Science & Adventure series by Judit Berg

In the last chapter of Alma the young heroine becomes the new queen of the Empire of Chess. The sequel, entitled Drifter, takes place a few months later. From <me to <me Alma and her friends, living their everyday lives in their own world, must return to the Empire. But things are changing in both worlds.

A stranger starts to follow Alma around in the real world, while there is an uprising being organized against her in the Empire of Chess. Who is behind these frightening events? Drifter suspects the former ruler, the Dark Lord of Chess, especially when he discovers that the Lord has a smartphone since there is no use of this device in the Empire.

When Alma gets kidnapped, he soon finds himself the number one suspect of the crime. Drifter has no other choice but to follow the trail and start investigating in order to clear himself. With the help of a real hacker, he soon finds out that a quick learner Artificial Intelligence is behind the frightening events whose main goal is to seize control over both worlds.

The novel introduces young readers to the latest achievements of computer science, shows the directions of technological progress, and its possible dangers as well. It is very informative and up-to-date while being suspenseful and exciting at the same time.

Books in the series:
1. Alma – about the World of Chess ( 2018)
2. Drifter – about Artificial Intelligence (2018)
3. Felix – about Physics and Chemistry ( expected)
4. Bella – about Animals and environmental protection (expected)

Parameters of the book
Author: Judit Berg
pages: 276
Audience: 8-10 yrs
Illustrations: Black & White
Language: Hungarian, English
Publisher: Ecovit Publishers, Budapest, Hungary
Publication date: 2018
Rights: World, excl. UK, Czech Republic