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Rumini – The Adventure Begins


Highlight 2016

Written by Judit Berg

Illustrated by Zoltán Nagy

“Children’s book of the decade in Hungary”



Rumini – The adventure begins – part 1

I believe Judit Berg should be mentioned together with the greatest authors of children’s literature, such as Astrid Lindgren, as she has a wonderful talent of speaking the language of children.” EszterKovács, editor of the biggest Hungarian website on children’s literature

illustration b:w 04Rumini is a breathtakingly exciting adventure book series for children aged 6-12. The beautifully written, enchanting stories tell the fast-moving tale of Rumini the young sailor mouse and his friends. The heroes always need courage, cleverness, inventiveness, persistency, a strong belief in their friends and the crew of the ship, the Queen of Winds. Rumini and his friends sail on mysterious seas, among desert- ed islands, look for hidden treasures, face pirates, and fight for justice and freedom endangered by evil minded enemies.

The protagonist
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Rumini is a good-hearted, witty and daring young mouse who always looks for adventure and has a special talent to get into trouble. Having lived as an orphan in the harbour of Mouse- land he is really happy to become a cabin-boy on the Queen of Winds.

ruminiEven if often punished by the ship’s strict deck master for mischief, Rumini is a brilliant boy of extraordinary ideas and adventurous plans. He takes on every new challenge facing dangerous enemies. Nevertheless, his tricks, cleverness and loyalty to his friends always make him succeed in the end.

Success in numbers

Hungary is a small market. The yearly sale of an average book is less than 1500 copies. The average yearly sale of Rumini is 10 000 copies a year. So far Rumini has sold 42 000 copies. The series all together sold more then 90.000 copies in Hungary only.

Agent: Bieke van Aggelen