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Shadow Chasers – Flame of Truth


Written by Bontle Senne

Flame of Truth is the third book in the Shadow Chasers series. It’s a fantasy adventure  ̶  one part family saga, one part hero’s quest.

The powerful Oyo has a Shadow Chasers knife… and only the cleverest and bravest can withstand the Flame of Truthto win it back from her. With the guidance of Zulaika, a helpful ghost, Nom, Zithembe and Rosy travel through the unknown terrors of the dream world to find Oyo and regain the knife.

The series are all a modern quest. They are fast-paste and each chapter ends in a cliffhanger. They are light and economical, geared towards getting children to read. The series is beautifully told and the characters are as complex as we all are.

book 1 – Powers of the Knife
book 2 – Lake of Memories
book 4 – Night of the Red Moon

Parameters of the Books:
Author: Bontle Senne
pages: 128 pp
Audience: 8-12
Illustrations: Black & White
Language: English
Publication date: 2018
Rights: World