Van Aggelen African Literary Agency

Arboreta, the witch with green hair

Written by Riana Scheepers

In a big, green forest with trees that are hundreds of years old, lives a witch who is just as old as the trees – a witch with green hair. Her name is Arboreta. The difference between Arboreta and other witches is that she’s not an evil or nasty witch: she doesn’t have moles or a hook nose, and she doesn’t catch children or cook them in her pot and suck the marrow from their bones. She would like it much better if children could play safely and happily in her forest.

Arboreta is a happy witch – but there are things that worry her: who will one day become the tree witch of the big, green forest when she isn’t there anymore?

And what will happen if the woodcutters keep on cutting down so many trees without planting new ones? Maybe the little green girl who visits the forest one day can help Arboreta save the forest … but how?