Screenshot 2015-11-18 12.20.04Written by Hugh Lewin

Illustrated by Lisa Kopper

International best-selling children’s classic series reprinted after more than 30 years.

“When I get tired, I like lazing in the sun like a lizard, or wallowing warm like a hippo, and feeling cuddly like a lamb.”

Jafta, a young boy growing up in Africa, describes some of his everyday feelings by comparing his actions to those of various African animals. The book is filled with rich illustrations and clever similes to explain all sorts of feelings and actions.

Screenshot 2015-11-18 12.19.31Jafta was born after prize-winning author, Hugh Lewin, was released from prison after a seven-year sentence for his opposition to apartheid. With exquisite poignancy, he describes the life of separation Jafta experiences growing up without his father. Later in the series, we learn of Jafta’s experience of love for his mother and we share the tenderness and celebration of Jafta’s father’s homecoming.

The stories live and breathe, beautifully rendered by the lyrical artwork of Lisa Kopper.

We are delighted and proud to re-publish these beautiful classic children’s books. Sharing the universal joys and sorrows of childhood, they become even more relevant in our fast-paced world.

The complete series

The Jafta Series first appeared in 1981 to worldwide acclaim. It has been published in the USA, the UK, France, Japan and Spain and many more countries and has been translated into Swedish, Danish, Finish, Dutch, isi- Zulu, isiXhosa and Portuguese.

Praises for the Jafta series

There is a power in the simplicity of this book that will capture kids’ attention, as they will so readily relate to Ja a, even though he comes from such a different culture. – Joanna Marple on Good Reads

Is deceptively simple book provides a solid and strong read-aloud for the youngest listeners. e author helps children to name and put words to their strongly felt emotions. And the illustrator provides vibrant drawings of the animals named in each simile. – Sandshell on

South African setting lends texture and a sense of history in the making while the story embraces readers of any nation with its universal themes. Kopper rises to the demands of the text, using gentle lines and the series’ brown-and-white palette to convey a broad sweep of emotions. – Publishers Weekly, February 1993

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Paperback • 135 x216 mm • 32pp * May 2016
Rights: World Rights, excl English language, Chinese mainland rights sold 2018
Publisher: Jacana Media, Johannesburg
Agent: Bieke van Aggelen