Screenshot 2015-11-18 12.17.09Written by Hugh Lewis

Illustrated by Lisa Kopper

International best-selling children’s classic series reprinted after more than 30 years.

“My mother is like the sun because she lights up the dark corners.
My mother is like a willow on a riverbank because she comforts and provides shade for her children.”

Jafta describes his mother by comparing her to the earth and nature. He starts his descriptions with sunrise and goes through his daily tasks until bedtime. Jafta’s love for his mother is present in every step of his day.

Meet Jafta, a little boy living in an African village sharing the universal joys and sorrows of childhood. Jafta was born after prize-winning author, Hugh Lewin, was released from prison after a seven-year sentence for his opposition to apartheid. With exquisite poignancy, he describes the life of separation Jafta experiences growing up without his father. Later in the series, we learn of Jafta’s experience of love for his mother and we share the tenderness and celebration of Jafta’s father’s homecoming.

The stories live and breathe, beautifully rendered by the lyrical artwork of Lisa Kopper.

We are delighted and proud to re-publish these beautiful classic children’s books. Sharing the universal joys and sorrows of childhood, they become even more relevant in our fast-paced world.

The complete series

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