Written & Illustrated by Judith Inglese

Nandi Sings is the story of a very little girl who doesn’t speak much at first, and instead makes up her own songs without words but many sounds. And because the adults and siblings in her household all tell her to keep quiet, she sings while feeding the chickens and drawing in the sand. It’s only her Gogo who encourages her to listen to the sounds of different animals and to keep singing. Even as she grows up, Nandi continues to follow the music in her heart and sings her own songs – even ones with words! Eventually, when she sings in the church choir, no one tells her to be quiet because they’re all listening to her. “ Nandi loved to sing, even though she didn’t speak. She didn’t speak because she was only two Years’ old and still had a lot of growing to do. All the same, she made up all kinds of songs without words but with many sounds