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Cold Case Confession

cold caseAuthor: Alex Eliseev

– “Wonderful, evocative and vivid writing. Eliseev is a very exciting new talent.” – Peter James is an international best-selling British writer of crime fiction.

‘If you are reading this then I am dead.’ This is the opening line of a letter hidden under a carpet for a decade. The chilling words are followed by a confession to a murder committed nearly 13 years earlier. The chance discovery of the letter on 31 March 2012 reawakens a case long classified as ‘cold’, and a hunt begins for the men who kidnapped and killed Betty Ketani – and was convinced they had gotten away with it.

The investigation spans five countries, with a world-renowned DNA laboratory called in to help solve the forensic puzzle. The author of the confession might have feared death, but he is very much alive, as are others implicated in the crime.


Rights: non-English rights available
Publisher: Pan Macmillan South Africa
Publishing date: May 2016