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History Matters

screen-shot-2016-09-26-at-12-32-11-pmAuthor:Bill Nasson

History Matters is an eloquent selection of writings over four decades by Bill Nasson, one of South Africa’s most popular and highly respected historians. The pieces /in this compendium are lively and entertaining, written with wit, humour and a finely tuned sense of irony.

Chapters cover the South African War, the two world wars, cricket, District Six, school days and education, Hollywood and history, Mandela and other political biographies, and a great many other topics. Resembling a pudding of spicy plums, this is a perfect book for anyone interested in South Africa and its history, and in a broader appreciation of tweaking the tail of life in the past.

Rights; World
Publishers: Penguin Random House, SA
Publication date: September 2016