Murderers, Miscreants and Mutineers

murders Author: Nigel Penn

This is work is the long-awaited sequel to the historian Nigel Penn’s award winning book Rogues, Rebels and Runaways.

Penn, a consummate raconteur and storyteller, brings to life an assortment of extraordinary personalities from the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. ere is Maria Mouton, the rst white woman at the Cape to be executed, for her adulterous a air with a slave and the murder of her husband. en, too, there is Johannes Seidenfaden, an LMS missionary whose ‘enormities’ so shocked Dr John Philip, the LMS superintendent, that he branded him ‘a wolf in sheep’s clothing’. (Seidenfaden, a married man, had not only attempted to seduce his Khoikhoi housekeeper on ve occasions but also turned his mission station of Suurbraak, just outside Swellendam, into his own personal efdom and impoverished all the Khoikhoi inhabitants.)

Rights: World Rights available, excl Dutch
September 2015, 288 pages
Publisher: Jacana Media, South Africa
Agent: Bieke van Aggelen


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