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The Beginner’s Guide to the Animals of Southern Africa

animalsAuthor: Lynne Matthews

When This essential guide to the animals of southern Africa has been written specifically for young outdoor enthusiasts. Discover the amazing adaptations that animals have developed in order to survive. Find out about their life cycles, the places they live, why some keep territories, why they migrate or hibernate, how they find a mate and escape predators, and how they interact with one another. There is an important section on conservation matters that all the future generations on our planet stand to gain or lose depending on the solutions that are implemented today.

The book is divided into the following categories: • Mammals• Birds•Frogs and reptiles• Insects and other invertebrates.

Paperback • 210x140mm • 280pp * April 2016
Rights: World Rights
Publisher: Jacana Media, Johannesburg
Agent: Bieke van Aggelen