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Umkhonto We Sizwe

umkhontoAuthor: Thula Simpson

The armed struggle waged by the ANC’s military wing, Umkhonto We Sizwe (MK), was the longest sustained insurgency in South African history. This book offers the first full account of the rebellion in its entirety, from its early days in the 1950s to the inauguration of Nelson Mandela as South African president in 1994.

  • The first in-depth single-volume synthesis of the history of Umkhonto We
  • Most of the material in the book is fresh from the archives – there is no alternative source in the secondary literature for most of the material that appears in these pages.
  • This is a substantial book, at almost 600 pages, but the writing is concise and fast-paced. It captures the soldier’s experience of what it is like to go on operations as an urban saboteur, or on campaign as a guerrilla fighter, because it is closely based on the perspective of participants.
  • An honest account: defeats are defeats, victories are victories, and evidence rather than argument is offered in either case.

Rights: World Rights available
March 2016, 616 pages
Publisher: Penguin Books, South Africa
Agent: Bieke van Aggelen