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Ivory’s Story

Ivory’s Story is an African Australian story, black speculative fiction that’s a murder mystery and an origins tale.

Long ago, a good man transgressed and was brutally punished, his physical form killed and his soul split asunder. Now, one half of his ancient soul seeks to reunite with its lost twin, a search that leaves murder in its wake…
In the streets of modern-day Sydney, a killer stalks the night, slaughtering innocents, leaving bodies mutilated. The victims seem unconnected, yet Investigating Officer Ivory Tembo is convinced the killings are anything but random. The case soon leads Ivory into places she never imagined. In order to stop the killings and save the life of the man she loves, she must reach deep into her past, uncover secrets of her heritage, break a demon’s curse, and somehow unify two worlds.






author: Eugen Bacon
publisher: NewCon Press
publication date: December 2020
Rights: non- English rights available