Van Aggelen African Literary Agency

The Grymcat Conspiracy – MG Fantasy

Samti’s life in a rural East African village is happy, peaceful, and illegal. Eager conservationist, Edward, wants to transform Samti’s world, but at the heart of his plans is a mysterious creature that he does not understand. Ratona, a pyre-angel from a magical world, knows the animal’s origins, the hazards of its presence in the human realm, and the deadly nature of the magical forces now converging on them all. Worlds that have been safely separated for centuries are colliding. Lethal criminal networks are growing in influence and power. Treachery abounds.

When things begin to go wrong and go wrong badly, Samti, Edward and Ratona face dangerous choices that will push their loyalties to the limits and threaten the ruin of them all.

Rights: World Rights available
Genre: MG Fantasy Fiction
Status: manuscript finished August 2020
Words: 60.000 approx.

author: Dan Brockington