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Airies series by Judit Berg

written by Judit Berg

The Airies are green-skinned defenders of the Sea of Reeds. They fly around on warblers protecting the creatures of the Babbly Lake. Their home Airy Castle was built by warblers. Their favorite pastime is the Bullfrog Rodeo where the champions of Airies and Frogs compete. Their main enemies are the red-skinned Grimps and their allies, the swans and rats of the neighboring lake.

The Airies saga is centered around the ecosystem of a lake. While reading the tales children are introduced to the annual bio cycle of life at the lakeside. The stories raise awareness of environment protection and “green thinking”. The Sea of Reeds Calendar can be used as supplementary material for teaching biology, environment-protection and the characteristics of seasons and months.

1-12 one story for each month of the year

Part 13: The Sea of Reads Calendar explains the characteristics and habits of the inhabitants of the lakeside.



Parameters of the series:
Writer: Judit Berg
Pages: 46
Series: 12 books  + 1 Calendar
Audience: 4-8 years
Illustrations: full color
language: Hungarian, English
Publisher: Central Media, Hungary
Publication date: planned 2019
Rights: World