Van Aggelen African Literary Agency

The Magic Fish

Magic FishRetold by Margie Orford

Illustrated by Lizza Littlewort

Magic Fish2One day, a poor fisherman catches a magic talking fish, which he immediately sets The Magic Fish free. He tells his brother what has happened and his brother demands that he go and ask the magic fish for a bigger house. The magic fish grants the fisherman’s wish. Will his brother be satisfied or will he be greedy and ask for more?

Oh please, kind fisherman,’ pleaded the fish, ‘let me live.

I’m not a real fish. I’m a princess who was bewitched.

Please let me go.’

‘A beautiful fish that can talk?’ said the fisherman.

‘Of course I’ll let you go.’ And he eased the hook out of the fish’s mouth and put her back in the water.

Magic Fish3

Paperback • 210x140mm • 280pp * April 2016
Rights: World Rights
Publisher: Jacana Media, Johannesburg
Agent: Bieke van AggelenMagic Fish