Van Aggelen African Literary Agency


FireworksAuthor: Jan Scannell

In Fireworks, his first book, Jan Braai shares his knowledge about braaing: about making fires with wood and about cooking great meals on the coals.

So start with Jan’s clear rules for braaing the perfect steak and, once you have mastered that, move on to lamb chops, curried sosaties and the oxtail potjie. From there you can move to rack of lamb, lamb on the spit, the perfect braaied ribs and the braai staples of roosterbroodstywe pap, mealies on the braai and even a dessert or two.

Hunting and fishing may not be the measure of a man any longer, but you do need to be able to make the perfect braai, without fuss or fanfare. It’s just one of those things that separates the men from the boys.

Rights: Dutch language rights sold, available for international market
Publisher: Bookstorm, South Africa
Publishing date: August 2014
Pages/illustrations: 200/full colour

Agent: Bieke van Aggelen