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VAN AGGELEN – African Literary Agency is a boutique literary agency. We work with a select group of books, authors and publishers. Our focus is on African fiction and non-fiction books and high quality cook books. Our experience in the international book world spans decades and continents. We know what is going on, we know where the business is heading.

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Leading Children’s Title 2020

Verdies – tales from the Lakeside book series distributed by Netflix

This beautiful saga is centred around the ecosystem of a lake. The Verdies are small green-skinned defenders of the Sea of Reeds. They fly around on warblers protecting all living creatures of the Babbly Lake. Their favourite pastime is the Bullfrog Rodeo where the champions of Verdes and Frogs compete. Their main enemies are the red skinned Grimps and their allies, the swans and rats of the neighbouring lake.

All this are the ingredients of the tales of all living creatures in and around the Sea of Reeds. Children’s knowledge of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter is deepened through the adventures of the characters, while they are actively involved in all kind of the events.

World Rights available, excl. South African. Please, click here for more information and available Rights.