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Winner of the CCI Awards nominees for outstanding Fiction Book Award is Vernon R.L Head for his novel On that Wave of Gulls.
The Cultural and Creative Industry Awards, also referred to as the CCI Awards, are to be most desired recognition and cultural phenomenon in the South African creative industry, bestowed to SA’s top and leading creatives in the various creative sector categories and subdomains, creatives that exhibit outstanding artistic and technical achievement.

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African Literary Agency is a literary agency working with a premium group of books, authors, and publishers. We have been selecting emerging authors from the African continent for the past ten years, and successfully work with African fiction, Speculative Fiction mainly Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror, Children’s books, and non-fiction.


We tirelessly search for the best match between author and publisher on a global scale. Together with a team of scouts and editors, African Literary Agency works to empower African voices in literature, bringing the best stories, from all over the continent, to you.

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