Bird-Monk Seding

Lesego Rampolokeng’s third novel Bird-Monk Seding was awarded the 2017 University of Johannesburg Prize for South African Writing in English. It was also shortlisted for the prestigious Sunday Times Barry Ronge Fiction Prize in 2018.

Bird-Monk Seding is a stark picture of life in a rural township two decades into South Africa’s democracy. Listening and observing in the streets and taverns, Bavino Sekete, often feeling desperate himself, is thrown back to his own violent childhood in Soweto. To get through, he turns to his pantheon of jazz innovators and radical writers.

” If one can call it a novel, is a rampaging, fast-talking, spontaneous, and often opaque window into a dark dangerous world; a world filled with injustice, suffering and copious amounts of bodily fluids” Mail & Guardian 

Author: Lesego Rampolokeng

Parameters of the book
Author: Lesego Rampolokeng
pages: 192
Publisher:  Deep South, South Africa
Publication date: 2017
Rights: World
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