Mmiri: A Sister’s Tail

In a world where creatures and legends from mythologies exist alongside humans, jengu mermaid, Mmiri, leaves her magical school to rescue her mother kidnapped in a game of power and politics. Aided by a boy destined to die, the half-human daughter of an Igbo masquerade, and Mmiri’s human cousin, it’s a race against time to save Mmiri’s mother. With both their lives bonded, only one thing happens to mermaids whose guardians die: they turn into sea foam.


Genre:  sapphic, YA, contemporary fantasy
Word Count: 50.000
Planning: end of 2022
Age: 13 yrs +
Proposition: Fans of the PERCY JACKSON SERIES, Ingo, Sea of Skin
Rights: all rights available
Author: Ada Nnadi

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