Our spirits yearn for home


The strength of this book is in its diversity of form and content as well as its expansive scope to entertain all the while deeply engaging complex emotions. It bends the rules and is in many ways, novel and experimental. This is David’s social justice project to the world, a proclamation that ‘difference’ is beautiful.

OUR SPIRITS YEARN FOR HOME explores trauma from diverse perspectives: mental trauma and illness, sexual abuse, the harsh penal system, fat phobia, homophobia and transphobia, amongst others. All these are done engaging the Ghanaian context. The content does not only centre on trauma. There is also adventure and a sprinkling of fantastical overtones in the writing.

Title: Our spirits yearn for home
Rights: all rights available
Word Count80 – 120,000
Author: David Agyei-Abuah

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