Sun Swarm

Wandering bee seeker and storyteller Ædan Sweet enjoys an idyllic existence roaming his beloved Isles. Whatever troubles fomented between its kings and a militant order of meddlesome mages – the Morvaris – are kept at arm’s length. That is, until he heals a mortally wounded outcast Apis Lord, Meriel, who draws him into her wild scheme to not only defeat the Morvaris but to root out the source of the corruption that is slowly eating away at the natural world. Ædan can’t run from danger forever; at some point he must make a stand or lose everything he holds dear. The secret behind his very existence may well provide the linchpin that will save his world.


Genre:  Adult Fantasy novel
Word Count: 80.000
Planning: Fall 2022
Rights: all rights available
Author: Nerine Dorman

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