The World-breaker’s Name

Kellan, a warrior turned scholar, is desperate to cure the magical infection sealed in his leg before it consumes him. Cursed healer, Chiyana, plans to escape her people’s scrutiny forever by becoming a masked assassin.

Her curse is his key.

Threatened by rival clans, shifting loyalties, and the unpredictable, monster-spewing Shimmers, Kellan and Chiyana seek aid from the cat god dwelling in the deepest part of the forest. The gods, however, demand a price from the pair: to recover the magic the World-breaker stole from them.

This first novel in a planned trilogy features a unique magic system and immersive world packed with rich cultures and scenery inspired by her home in central South Africa.


Genre: Epic Fantasy
Word Count: approx. 100.000
Proposition: Fans of Brandon Sanderson and Tomi Adeyemi
Planning: 2022
Rights: all rights available
Author: Caitlin Farley

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