Where the Dead Brides Gather

Where The Dead-Brides Gather is an African-Fantasy tale of tragic deaths, lost dreams, and terrifying hauntings from vengeful ghosts with unfinished business. Bata, a young girl plagued by nightmares and possessed with supernatural powers, must battle and vanquish malevolent Ghost-Brides intent on annihilating human brides before they can make their matrimonial vows. But the role of Bride-Sentinel is one that brings dramatic physical and mental changes in Bata, and one she is far too young to undertake. To regain her freedom, Bata must confront and vanquish four terrifying ghost-brides in a final battle that could either free her or chain her for eternity as a cursed Bride-Sentinel.


Title: Where the Dead Brides Gather
Word count: approx. 80,000
Genre: African Horror
Rights: All rights available

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