Ãn Ãn

80 delicious recipes garnished with beautiful stories

A ̆n A ̆n is Vietnamese for ‘dinner is served!’ This cookbook will show you the many sides of Vietnamese cuisine, from traditional dishes to contemporary street food. Eat your heart out with over 80 delicious recipes, including tom rim, (sautéed, caramelized shrimps), thịt kho tàu (pork belly braised in coconut juice), and hành tím phí (deep-fried shallots) – all of them easy to prepare at home.

Along the way, Mai describes her harrowing experiences as a boat refugee and how she developed her passion for cooking even in adversity. A flavorsome recipe book with a culinary discovery on every page; from starters to desserts and everything in between.


Praise for AnAn

Mai has a wonderful sense of taste. After MasterChef, she continued to develop this further and further. I’m going to keep following her because she’s only going to get better.’ – MICHIEL VAN DER EERDE, CHEF AND MEMBER OF THE DUTCH MASTERCHEF JURY.

‘And when you mix up Vietnamese and Dutch cuisine, out of a pure sense of friendship, you get an incredible explosion of pure tastes! Mai, when are you coming back to jam with us in our kitchen?’ – EDWIN VINKE, MICHELIN STAR CHEF

author: Mai Nguyen
Publisher: LS Amsterdam
Pages: 224
Publishing date: 2020
Rights: World Rights available

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