Convergence Problems

Lagos, Nigeria, roadside mechanic volunteers to undergo a procedure that will increase the electrical conductivity of his skin by orders of magnitude. On Mars, a woman races against time and a previously undocumented geological phenomenon to save her brother. In Nairobi, a tech support engineer tries to understand what is happening when an AI system begins malfunctioning in ways that could change the world.

Convergence Problems is the second collection of acclaimed speculative fiction from the vivid imagination of the award-winning Wole Talabi. The collection will take readers on a series of journeys across extrapolated, fictional realities, using a uniquely African lens to explore the ways humanity, technology and spirituality, can and will interact with each other.

short-story collection, incl. novella
Rights: all rights available
Word Count: 80 – 120,000
Planning: end of 2022
Author: Wole Talabi

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