Laide Haraya lives in Legba city, in what is left of a climate-ravaged West Africa, where everything is now provided and managed for the survivors by an omnipresent AI. Food, shelter, protection from the unbreathable air outside the city’s dome; everything is provided except freedom. Except purpose. Except hope. When even death is denied
her, she becomes desperate.

A chance meeting with a rogue engineer, who offers her the opportunity to free herself of the AI and go outside the city in an artificial body, changes everything. Using a “Ganger” chip she is able to transfer her consciousness into a droid, but only for a limited time. The risks are enormous, and everything has a price, but Laide thinks that it’s worth it. In the beginning at least. But Legba city has even darker secrets lurking beneath its dome and Laide must confront them to truly know herself and, perhaps, lead a revolution.



Author: Wole Talabi

Genre: Science Fiction Novella
Status: Unpublished manuscript
Rights: All rights available
Words: approx. 27,000

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