God’s Eye

Set during a long rainy season of 2082, in Lagos, Nigeria in a world where everyone’s entire life can now be recorded from birth to death by installing ‘God’s Eye’ nanomachines in their brain at birth, the story follows Damilola ‘Dami’ Keyes, a hard-drinking, nihilistic, loner officer of the Nigerian Police Force in her mid-thirties. When Dami’s former partner Ebuka, the son of one of Nigeria’s highest ranking politicians, is arrested for attacking one of his father’s political rivals, a crime that should be impossible, she will have to go into Lagos’s underground to find a man she knows from her university days, the only person who has ever hacked into and changed the recording of a ‘God’s Eye’ before without being detected –  the mysterious underground cult figure known only as ‘Elegba-Zero’.

In this cyberpunk detective thriller woven from the fiber of classic film noir, Dami comes to realize that the ‘God’s Eye’ is not everything it’s set up to be and that there are great forces at work, determined to make sure she doesn’t uncover what is really going on.

Title: GOD’S EYE
Africanfuturism, novella
Rights: all rights available
Word Count: approx. 25,000
Planning: end of 2022
Author: Wole Talabi

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